Boards and Committees

Metropolitan Planning Organization

The organization and the membership of the MPO is designated by the Governor of Alabama, and consists of seven (7) voting members from the City of Huntsville, City of Madison, Town of Owens Cross Roads, Town of Triana, Madison County, and the State of Alabama. In addition to these members, the MPO incorporates non-voting members into its membership. The non-voting members include a representative from the following agencies: The Top of Alabama Regional Council of Governments (TARCOG), Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) Bureau of Transportation Planning and Modal Programs, and Federal Highway Administration.

The following persons comprise the membership of the MPO:

Mayor Tommy Battle, City of Huntsville (MPO Vice-Chairman)
Mayor Paul Finley, City of Madison 
Bill Kling, Huntsville City Council
Dale Strong, Madison County Commission (MPO Chairman)
Mayor Tony Craig, Town of Owens Cross Roads
Mayor Mary Caudle, Town of Triana (MPO Secretary)
Johnny Harris, Alabama Department of Transportation
Mark Bartlett, Federal Highway Administration (non-voting)
Robert Jilla, ALDOT Bureau of Transportation Planning and Modal Programs (non-voting)
Nancy Robertson, Top of Alabama Regional Council of Governments (non-voting)
Jennifer Hibbert, Federal Transit Administration (non-voting)

Citizens Advisory Committee

The Citizens Advisory Committee is a crucial part of the public participation process, since they review plans, policies, and plan amendments and act in an advisory role to the Technical Coordinating Committee and the MPO. Meetings are held as needed. Typically the Committee meets on the Monday prior to a scheduled MPO meeting, at 5:00 pm at the Huntsville Municipal Building located at 308 Fountain Circle, 7th Floor. While this committee provides input to transportation planning issues prior to MPO deliberations, the MPO is the final body that has legal authority to approve transportation plans and plan amendments.

The Citizens’ Advisory Committee is tasked with the following responsibilities:

  • Review and respond to local transportation plans prepared for the area.
  • Assess the local areawide transportation and transportation related needs as perceived by area residents.
  • Initiate actions related to providing area residents the opportunity to input individual, group, private, semi-private ideas, suggestions, needs, and concepts for consideration and recommendation to the Metropolitan Planning Organization and/or the technical Coordinating Committee.
  • Objectively assess the social, economic, and physical impact within the area of all transportation plans submitted by the Metropolitan Planning Organization or Technical Coordinating Committee.
  • Assist the transportation planning staff, where possible, in the development of specific program solutions to areawide needs as identified through community research and public meetings.

Citizens’ Advisory Committee Members

The following persons have been appointed to serve on the Citizens’ Advisory Committee by the officials of local government who serve on the Metropolitan Planning Organization:

David Cousins, City of Huntsville
Russ McDonald, City of Huntsville
Jennifer Nelson, City of Huntsville
John Ofenlock, City of Huntsville (CAC Chairman)
Todd Slyman, City of Huntsville
Gary Whitley, City of Huntsville
Trent Griffin, City of Huntsville
Tony Smith, City of Huntsville
Vacant, City of Madison
Pat Mason, City of Madison (CAC Vice-Chairman)
Bob Devlin, Madison County (CAC Secretary)
Chris Robinson, Madison County
Scott Baker, Town of Owens Cross Roads
Larry Furlough, Town of Owens Cross Roads
Jurlene Rogers, Town of Triana
Luis Ferrer, Town of Triana

Technical Coordinating Committee

The Technical Coordinating Committee is comprised of technical personnel of operating agencies represented by the MPO, and other agencies (including private, when and if applicable) responsible for or affected by implementation of the transportation plans and programs. Members of the committee are appointed by the MPO.

The Technical Coordinating Committee is tasked with the following responsibilities:

  • To analyze and recommend technical methods, procedures, and standards to further the transportation planning process.
  • To help coordinate work of operating departments and agencies participating in transportation studies.
  • To recommend alternate transportation plans and programs to the MPO.

Technical Coordinating Committee Members

The following persons have been appointed to serve on the Technical Coordinating Committee by the officials of local government who serve on the Metropolitan Planning Organization:

Shane Davis– Transportation Planning Coordinator, City of Huntsville Department of Urban Development
Mary Beth Broeren, City of Madison Planning and Economic Development
Richard Grace, Madison County Engineering
Houston MatthewsMadison County Engineering
Gary Chynoweth, City of Madison Engineering
Dr. Emmanuel Oranika, Alabama Department of Transportation
Clint Andrews, Federal Highway Administration
Abigail Rivera, Federal Transit Administration
Kathy Martin, City of Huntsville Engineering
Dan Sanders, City of Huntsville Traffic Engineering
Nicholas Nene, City of Huntsville Traffic Engineering 
Trey Riley, City of Huntsville Attorney
Michelle Jordan, City of Huntsville Community Development
Daniel Shea, City of Huntsville Natural Resources & Environmental Management
Anne Burkett, Madison County Planning and Economic Development
Quisha Riche, Huntsville Housing Authority
Brandi Quick, Huntsville-Madison County Marina and Port Authority
Janet Watson, Huntsville Planning Commission
Rick Tucker, Huntsville- Madison County Airport Authority
Les Hopson, Alabama Department of Transportation
Allen Teague, Alabama Department of Transportation
Lucas Blankenship, Top of Alabama Regional Council of Governments
Kaela McGuire, Redstone Arsenal
Glen Partlow, Huntsville Utilities
Carson SmithHuntsville Utilities
Melvin McKinstrey, Marshall Space Flight Center
Diana Standridge, US Space & Rocket Center
Connie Graham, City of Huntsville Planning Division
Karen P. Monroe, Huntsville-Madison County Railroad Authority
Bryant Moss, Limestone County Engineer (Ex-Officio Member)
Marc Massey, Assistant Limestone County Engineer (Ex-Officio Member)