The 2035 Long-Range Transportation Plan

The Long-Range Transportation Plan is a road map of transportation projects, both funded and visionary, for the next 25 years in the Huntsville MPO study area. In order for a transportation project to get funding, it must be included in the LRTP. A new LRTP is released by the MPO staff every five years, but is amended as projects warrant.

Amended Year 2035 Transportation Plan (Updated to September 2014)  

Front Material & Executive Summary

Section 1 – Introduction
Section 2 – Modeling
Section 3 – Growth Forecasts
Section 4 – Highway Element
Traffic Volume & V/C Ratio Maps
Section 5 – Highway Project Evaluation
Section 6 – Transit Element
Section 7 – Bike/Pedestrian Element
Section 8 – Congestion Management
Section 9 – Multimodal Element
Section 10 – Financial Plan

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