Transit Studies

The MPO and its jurisdictions recognize that adding lanes to a road isn’t always the way to solve congestion issues, and that alternatives to driving must be provided. To that end, the Huntsville Area MPO has been involved in several recent studies on improving transit service in the region.

Regional High Capacity Transit Study

The Regional High Capacity Transit Study used MPO data and the findings from the Regional Commuter Study to determine the best corridors for high-capacity transit, and the appropriate transit mode for these corridors. The study also examined the costs of adding/improving service to these corridors, and the potential for transit-oriented development (TOD) based on existing land use.

Future phases of this study will focus on the identified corridors and prepare applications to the Federal Transit Administration’s Capital Improvement Grant (CIG) program for funding.

Full Report

Executive Summary

Presentation to the MPO, March 2022

Huntsville Transit Improvement Plan

Huntsville Transit recently completed an update to their Transit Improvement Plan. This plan examined the strengths and weaknesses of the current transit system and recommended short-term service improvements. Recommendations from prior transit improvement plans increased ridership significantly, by implementing low-cost improvements such as timed transfers; more frequent service along high-ridership corridors; and adding a transfer station in North Huntsville.

Final Report (Published February 2023)

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