Transportation Alternatives Program

In accordance with the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) funding can be used for projects such as sidewalks, trails, and streetscape improvements. There are two types of TAP funds available in Alabama:

  • Funds managed by ALDOT that are available to any eligible entity anywhere in the state of Alabama, including those that are not members of an MPO.
    • ALDOT accepts applications for projects up to $800,000 ($640,000 federal, $160,000 local match) per year for the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP).
    • Sponsors that currently have an active TAP project will not be eligible to submit another application for funding consideration until the awarded project has been authorized and let to contract. This means the City of Huntsville, City of Madison, and Town of New Hope are not eligible applicants for ALDOT TAP funds during this funding cycle.
    • MPO members and adjacent communities who ARE eligible this year include: Madison County, TARCOG, Town of Triana, Town of Owens Cross Roads, and Town of Gurley.
    • Applications for the ALDOT FY 2022 TAP funding closed on May 28, 2021. Review the documents below for more information.

ALDOT Funds- FY 2022 TAP Guidelines

ALDOT Funds- FY 2022 TAP Application

  • Funds allocated specifically to the Huntsville-MPO urban area. The Huntsville MPO accepts applications for funding up to $400,000.
    • This allocation is specifically for projects within the Huntsville MPO urban area. Only MPO member governments can apply for this funding: Madison County, City of Madison, City of Huntsville, Town of Triana, Town of Owens Cross Roads. 
    • Applications for the local MPO FY 2021 TAP funding closed on June 25, 2021. Review the documents below for more information. 

MPO Funds- FY 2021 TAP Guidelines

MPO Funds- FY 2021 TAP Application

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